Un luogo bello

The people of Calabria have a sense of fatality; they conceive of life on the image of their “Fiumare” that sooner or later overwhelm everything. “Bend, tree, for the flood will pass”, is their motto. Corrado Alvaro

The valley of the Sant’Agata river is nestled in the red land of the mountains of Aspromonte, in the province of Reggio Calabria, in Southern Italy, and flows towards the sea, until it dives into the Strait of Messina.
The name of the waterway originates from the Greek aghatè, which is linked to concepts such as beauty, goodness and nobility; as if travellers from the Magna Graecia period had been enchanted by this territory.

“There is no beauty of a territory that has not yet been awakened, no wealth of new worlds barely touched by civilisation that is worth the charm of this ignored and yet old Calabria, with its mute ruins of forgotten cataclysms, suffocated by ivy and honeysuckle, and which, wherever it cleaves, reveals the marble face of a great civilisation that has disappeared.
Umberto Zanotti Bianco

This is my landscape. I cannot help but love it. It is a beautiful place.