The man who became god

In 1953, Count Stefano Rivetti di Val Cervo, an entrepreneur from Biella, moved into a castle tower in Maratea (Potenza) and with funds from the Cassa del Mezzogiorno created the R1 woollen mill and a night club, today both in disuse. He had the world’s second highest statue of Christ the Redeemer made in his likeness, as well as Piazza del Gesù and the Grand Hotel Santavenere – the only structure still operating – situated in via Conte Stefano Rivetti di Val Cervo. He created Pamafi with public financing and sold it back to the Regione Calabria after it went bankrupt. In Praia a Mare (Cosenza), he built R2, which then became Marlane (Marzotto Lane). The count had himself buried in a cave on San Biagio, under the statue.

Interview with Francesco Cirillo.

To find out more: Marlane: la fabbrica dei veleni – storia e storie avelenate by Francesco Cirillo, Luigi Pacchiano, interviews by Giulia Zanfino, edizioni Coeessenza 2011