The Longest Sunset

During a flight to Keflavík airport, it is possible to see the sunset for many hours. Staying in Reykjavík during December is like living in a month-long sunset.

Alessandro conceived “The Longest Sunset” as a transposition of a psychoanalytic journey into photographs, however, after start taking photographs, he realized what really mattered was feeling free and the ability to shoot without any preconception. Therefore, the direction for these works has been drawn by intuition and feeling, by having an honest approach and maintaining focus on the quiet secret and intimate relationship between the photographer and the landscape which he has fallen into.

The ancient struggle of the survival of man against nature forms the background for images that don’t try to give answers. These photographs represent natural elements that are deeply connected to the unknown. There is a surreal aspect to the composition that obscures the interpretation of the image.

This project was realized during December 2022 at SÍM Residency in Iceland.

Press (f) to look at the slideshow, or scroll down to see the photos.

Shortlisted at  Sony Worls Photography Awards, professional/landscape category, in 2023.